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What is Radiokinesis

Radiokinesis is a form of alternative medicine, based on kinesiology principles, that has been designed to assist us in moving more comfortably through life and its myriad energies. Radio refers to the body's interaction with the different wavelengths that we encounter in everyday life, and kinesis comes from the Greek word meaning movement. Radiokinesis has as its foundation the Chinese model and understanding of health and wellness, as well as the many systems of kinesiology. Procedures used in Radiokinesis work to adjust our body/mind/energy system to not only better withstand negative energies, but also to be able to receive and process beneficial energies, thereby assisting us in actualizing more of our innate potential. Radiokinesis has blended understandings from Kinesiology, Chinese Medicine and Quantum Physics, along with transducer technology and leading-edge understandings about the brain, our psychology, our soul, our environment and more.

Radiokinesis helps to improve the communication between your body, mind and energy system. When correctly done within a session, Radiokinesis can assist the body to heal itself, by eliminating the stressors that cause harmful effects on the body.

Radiokinesis has been useful in correcting allergies, pain, misalignments, infertility, ailments, addictions, weight loss, childhood issues, vision, headaches, panic / anxiety, asthma, trauma, PTSD, abuse, depression, dyslexia, Carpal Tunnel, anger, ADD-ADHD, fears / phobias, eating disorders, OCD, blood pressure, diabetes, neuropathy, claustrophobia, agoraphobia, anorexia / bulimia, and enhance overall performance.

Radiokinesis uses standard manual muscle testing as a diagnostic method for diagnosing the health of the body.

Commonly, Radiokinesis' clients have their muscles tested in many different ways.

Radiokinesis deals with helping people improve their health and fitness through better nutrition, energy balancing, and positive mental attitudes. Radiokinesis is not a substitution for medical treatment. It does not substitute chiropractic medicine. Radiokinesis is not a form of massage, physiotherapy or chiropractic medicine.